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  • How to find a good guide in the ocean of chess method books?
    Even a well written manual cannot replace direct contact with specialists.
  • Our personal approach, which is based on several years of experience working with world top players and on practical skills developed in the tough conditions of the stronges open tournaments, enables us to easily find flaws in the preparation of any player and to define an individual improvement plan.

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Konstantin Landa


Senior FIDE trainer
pupil of Botvinnik-Kasparov school
best ELO 2678

Coach of Alexandra Kosteniuk, Arkadij Naiditsch, Evgeny Alekseev.

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Pavel Tregubov


Senior FIDE trainer
European Champion 2000.
best ELO 2658

Coach of Vladimir Kramnik, Maxime Vachier-Lagrave, French National Team.

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  • Kosteniuk" From 2008 to 2010 I had several training sessions with Konstantin Landa. We were mostly working on my opening repertoire. We were studying the most critical lines of Ruy Lopez, Nimzo­Indian and Sicilian Defense. Despite the complexity of analysed variations we managed to find a lot of interesting ideas and novelties, which were later successfully used in my tournament practice. “
  • Lagrave" My collaboration with Pavel Tregubov has been successful for many years now, having a positive impact on my results and also giving me a view on a number of positions different from my own and from computer ones, which serve me in a very complementary way. “

  • fressinet" Pavel has always been appreciated for his professional attitude in fulfilling his coaching duties, and for the attention he gives to small details. The quality of his work is always excellent. “

  • Naiditsch" My first experience with Konstantin Landa as a trainer was back in the 2000 when I was just 15 years old, on my way to make my last GM norm. Konstantin was always an “all rounder” in chess which is in my opinion a very important quality for a trainer - to spot easily a weak point in pupils play. He also has an excellent computer knowledge. I always enjoyed a lot my training sessions with him. Konstantin is a very honest, good person, we remain good friends and stay in regular contact. “


Email: gmtregubov@hotmail.com
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